webpack filename case warnings

So I had started to work with webpack and everything was going great. I saved my work for the day and the next day when I fire up the dev server I get a bunch of this:

WARNING in ./~/react/lib/ReactServerRenderingTransaction.js
There is another module with a equal name when case is ignored.
This can lead to unexpected behavior when compiling on a filesystem with other case-semantic.
Rename module if multiple modules are expected or use equal casing if one module is expected.

OH NO! the horror!, However a quick google search lead me to these 2 issues on github:


The issue was on my side on how I require a React module in my files, I had the code:

var React = require('React');
var Router = require('react-router');
var Route = Router.Route;
var DefaultRoute = Router.DefaultRoute;
var NotFoundRoute = Router.NotFoundRoute;    

This line the React is the issue:


When changed to react the warnings went away:


This warnings happen because there is no case sensitivity on windows, and webpack gives you this warning in case you run this code on another os that is case sensitive, like linux.

TLDR: started using webpack, got some bunch of warnings about module name case, turns out it was how I was require the react module: require('React') vs require('react')